Online Resources to Take Advantage of Over Winter Break

As winter break approaches you’re probably looking forward to no classes, sleeping in your own bed, showering without shoes, eating some home cooked meals, seeing your friends and family and generally being just a little lazy since you’ve worked hard this semester. So, you might ask – what would motivate me to utilize career development resources over winter break?

  • You’re likely going to have to talk a lot about your future plans over the break to family and friends and the more educated you are about your future goals the easier it’ll be!
  • Take advantage of the down time to really focus on your professional and career development; balancing academics and social life is hard enough during the semester without having to add in a job search, internship search and other career-related development.
  • Lastly, although some time off from school is beneficial, you want to make sure you hit the ground running when you return at the end of January and utilizing some of these career-related online resources can help!

If you’re looking for some valuable resources to take advantage of over the winter break you need not look any further than the Center for Career Development website where you can access a multitude of resources that can propel your professional development, job search, internship search, major or career choice and much more! For example, HuskyCareerLink – our web-based recruiting system that allows students to search electronic job postings and participate in on-campus interviews.

Have a safe and happy break!

By Lee Hameroff
Lee Hameroff Associate Director, Operations Lee Hameroff