From Honey BBQ wings to an On-Campus Internship

When I was a freshman here at the University of Connecticut, I was heading down the same path as many others; spending all my money on wings (honey BBQ of course) and coffee and slowly draining the little amount that was in my savings account.  Of course, then I was forced to attempt to find an on-campus job.  For months I worked a job that allowed me to replenish some of the money that was drained in my bank account, however I was not getting anything out of the experience except minimum wage and a brief line on my résumé.

I realized that I wanted to explore a job where I gained something more than just learning how to make a Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap.  So with my cup of joe in hand, I went on JobX and HuskyCareerLink and searched for a job that I could get some real world experience from.  This is when I came across my current internship at the Center for Career Development and the On-Campus Internship Program.

The On-Campus Internship program is, in my mind, one of the most useful programs here at the University of Connecticut.  The variety of internships offered allow students to hold internships without having to commute to a location off-campus.  This program is constantly growing and enhancing, with new internships being added almost every week.

The On-Campus Internship program spans many departments across campus.  As of today, there are over twenty-five on-campus internships, and even more that are in the works of being created.  Every on-campus internship has a learning component which allows students to reach specific professional and personal goals while working for the department.  Many of these internships are industry specific, from higher-education to marketing to digital media and design.  Some of the internships offer an hourly salary to student interns while others are unpaid, however, almost all of the programs allow students to gain credit for their internships.

I know that as a student the absence of a constant flow of income for the replenishment of your wings fund seems daunting.  Just keep in mind that although some of these internships are unpaid, they all offer a wide range of benefits to their interns.  From obvious enhanced résumé experience, to strengthened professional development, to a variety of other perks such as free baked goods and coffee.


If you are interested in pursuing an on-campus internship, I highly recommend checking the Center for Career Development On-Campus Internship Page.  On this page, you can see specific information on each on-campus internship.  Here you will find information about how to earn credit for your internship. For more information on the on-campus internship program, email or stop by the Center for Career Development in Wilbur Cross Room 202.

By Taylor Patterson
Taylor Patterson Experiential Learning Intern