Employment Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Bender Consulting Services, Inc. (Bender) was established in 1995 by Joyce A. Bender where she has received over a dozen honors and awards based on her efforts while at Bender. The services that Bender provides not only increases employment rate for those with disabilities, but also improves their quality of life. As a result of Ms. Bender’s aspirations in her company she was able to partner with federal agencies and corporations with hopes of increasing diversity within the workforce.

Bender is a consulting service which recruits people with disabilities with intentions for direct-hire. Bender partners with colleagues, agencies and business’s to properly assess and place job-seekers into numerous careers and industries. To learn more about Bender’s consulting’s partnerships and how to become a part of this vastly growing consultant service click here.

Bender has a lot of great services to offer, one of the many programs is called Careers2B.The Careers2B  program is geared towards increasing the professional level of experience and marketability of professionals with disabilities. The program is a great way to overcome the barriers of employment for those with disabilities all while gaining 12 months of work experience at one of Bender’s sponsor companies. It is possible for the sponsor company to hire the Careers2B participant as a full-time employee; however, it’ll be a position that is not a part of the Careers2B program.

If you are interested in applying, first see if you are a fit for one of the current career opportunities by following this link. If you are a fit, your application will be moved to the next phase. In order to get selected for a Bender opportunity, you will undergo a recruitment and screening process. The screening process consists of an in-depth application/employment questionnaire, multiple interviews, criminal background, drug, reference and credit checks, employment and education verification, and clearance processing as requested by Bender’s partners. Candidates may be interviewed by senior recruiters and members of Bender’s management team. After a successful completion of Bender’s interviewing and screening process, if there is a career opportunity match from one or more of Bender’s sponsors, the candidate is then contacted in order to get permission to submit their resume to the sponsor(s) for evaluation and consideration. After the candidate’s resume is submitted for review both Bender and the candidate will wait for a response from the sponsor(s).

As unemployment rates continue to increase self-advocate! Seek new and exciting opportunities either through Bender or similar services and if you have any questions for Bender contact them. Remember your skills and qualifications can only go as far as you let them.

By Tylur Craddock


By Laura Evangelista
Laura Evangelista Assistant Director for Curriculum Design and Pre-Professional Advising Laura Evangelista