Springtime Means Job Time!

One of the frustrating thing about pursuing your first teaching job is if you have friends in other disciplines outside of teaching. Maybe you’ve been sitting around chatting over dinner and someone is unbelievably happy because they secured a full time job, and before Thanksgiving too! It can be a little disheartening, because in the teaching job market, they have a later hiring season.

Well good news for you now! Springtime is nearly here, and with the thaw in temperatures, so too comes the thaw in the job market. As budgets are being planned, registrations are rolling in, and teaching departures are being shared, school districts are starting to post positions! So if you have been delaying for some reason, now is the time to spring forward in your job search!

Foremost, make sure that you have tuned up your résumé. If you have not been in to the Center for Career Development, feel free to come by any day classes are in session between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Alternatively, you can call 860-486-3013 to schedule an appointment. Never written a cover letter before, or want some help polishing your approach? Come in for an appointment, let us help you in the Center for Career Development.

Beyond this, make a plan. Job searching takes time, quite a bit of time, truthfully, so you need to have time carved out in your schedule. This is not something you want to do on an ad hoc basis, it is something that becomes as routine as going to class or going to your assigned school. If you have specific districts you want to work in, you should be on their websites, routinely looking. In addition, sites like SchoolSpring are good aggregators for positions. Not looking for this region? Start doing your research and trying to establish connections in other states and regions. With spring break around the corner, use this time to connect. Check out LinkedIn and search for teachers in the region, explore job sites in the specific states you are looking, and yes, SchoolSpring has listings all over the country.

Finally, ask for help. Talk to mentors, people in your network, the Center for Career Development, and anyone who has been down this road before. You will be surprised how much information and assistance is out there. Spring is here, time to break out of winter hibernation and get moving!

By Michael Petro
Michael Petro Assistant Director, Internal Relations Michael Petro