What Factors to Consider Before Taking the Job Other than Salary

You have been offered the job: Congratulations! Chances are you have to keep yourself from accepting on the spot. Resist the urge to accept the position immediately because you have many aspects of the job to consider. You may be thinking that this job has the exact salary or a better salary than you were expecting. That is fantastic, but be sure to consider the items below too, as they are just as important if not more important, than your starting salary:


Location: Location is a bigger deal than you may think. You have to ask yourself where you want to be for the upcoming years. If the position is in an urban area and you have always lived in a rural area – are you ready to make the change? How do you feel about the location of where the company or organization is located? How do you feel about where you will be living? Is this somewhere that you would feel safe and comfortable? If you can answer those questions confidently, you are heading in the right direction.


Advancement Opportunities: You know you are thinking about this. Opportunities to advance or grow within the organization or company is a legitimate curiosity. Be sure that you have scoped out your future position and how it may open doors for you, or how it may not. Ask questions about professional development opportunities and whether or not they are available for employees in the role you may be acquiring.


Benefits: Benefits could include vacation time, sick time, onsite perks like free food, health insurance, dental insurance, tuition remission, retirement plans and so much more. Be sure to ask about these elements before you go any further.


Fit & Happiness: This is by far the most important aspect to consider. You just spent your last few years in a college environment where you likely felt a certain sense of “fit”. It is crucial for you to find a similar feeling of “fit” at this new company or organization you may be joining. Does the workplace make you feel energized and productive? Are your future coworkers people you could see yourself working with? Will you look forward to waking up and going to this job each day for a period of time?

These above items are not the only aspects to consider before taking the job. You often know what is best for you so think about what is not on this list and question whether or not this position satisfies your needs and overall values.

If you are interested in learning more about your own values, skills, and interests, check out this page on the UConn Center for Career Development website: https://career.uconn.edu/major-career-decision-making/learn-about-yourself/ Also, keep in mind that you can come in and talk with a career consultant about your values, finding the right fit, and so much more.

By Tia M. Roy
Tia M. Roy Graduate Assistant