Are You Linked In?

As an RA on campus in Garrigus Suites, with upperclassman residents there’s a big focus on career development. When it comes to the career related to-do list it can often seem overwhelming. “Where do I even start?” I’ve asked myself that question many times. With this question in mind I figured it would best benefit residents if our floor featured a career related bulletin board.

Bulletin Board

The board displays the many resources that the UConn Center for Career Development offers including:

  • Career Counseling
  • Resume & Cover Letter Critiques
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job/Internship Information
  • On Campus Workshops/Events
  • Online Resources like HuskyCareerLink

It simply wasn’t enough to display these resources when I myself only had utilized a few. RA’s lead by example, so I decided to schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development. My hour long appointment was with Eran Peterson, a Career Counselor, for a resume & cover letter critique. I can gladly say the Center for Career Development far exceeded my expectations. Eran’s professionalism, thoroughness, and helpfulness were of high quality. We reviewed my resume and used the Resume & Professional Writing Guide as a tool to make effective comments and changes. Next, we read over my cover letter which needed further refining, to which Eran clearly laid out an action plan. Nearing the end of our appointment, I decided to ask a few final questions regarding my career path, as well as advice. The conversation shifted in a way that gave me new career insights and valuable advice to take away. I left the appointment in an even better mood than when I had arrived, and knew what I needed to change. But rewind, even before I scheduled my appointment I had encountered staff from the Center for Career Development who had guided me in the right direction, leading up to this moment. While attending the Careers for the Common Good Fair, I had spoken with Emily Merritt, a Career Consultant who kindly informed me of what the Center for Career Development offered. As well as, I had previously attended an informative ‘Networking 101’ presentation hosted by Ashley Pedersen, an Internship & Co-Op Program Coordinator. She answered some questions of mine while giving me some practical action steps to follow. All of these experiences with staff from the Center for Career Development were instrumental in me gaining insight. They all helped me to see what was in store the next step of the way. Fast forward, after my appointment I had my work cut out for me. Over Spring Break I decided it would be a good time to get a head start on revising my resume and LinkedIn profile.

As you can see, with the help of the CCD I updated my resume to be more refined and cleaner looking

As you can see with the help of the Center for Career Development, I updated my resume to be more in depth and cleaner looking

From what I had reviewed and learned I further refined and updated the pieces within my career portfolio. I truly gained much out of my experience with the UConn Center for Career Development. I highly recommend their services to ALL UConn students, there is nothing to lose. I most definitely will be returning soon.

Some lessons I took away from my experience with the Center for Career Development were:

  • There is ALWAYS room for improvement, something to update, something to refine.
  • Timing is essential, take charge and be proactive with your career activities.
  • There are more resources available to us Huskies that have yet to be used.
  • Get yourself out there and simply talk to a professional.
By Hendrix Taylor
Hendrix Taylor Resident Assistant (RA)