UConn students used social media in their job searches – and you WOULDN’T BELIEVE what happened next!

Social media is nearly inescapable.  For most college students, it’s been a part of their daily lives since they can remember.  Where their parents or older siblings from Generation X might have started exploring social media with MySpace on their home computers, GenY or Gen Z students tried out Chatroulette (yikes!) on their netbooks before they even learned to drive.


Even today’s dominant social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all over ten years old, if you can believe it.  Each of these platforms has its advantages, as do Instagram, Snapchat and others.  Except Yik Yak.  Thank goodness most people don’t bother with that any more.


While I still endlessly extol the virtues of using LinkedIn in the job search, I’ve been making social media mashups lately.  How can job seekers mix and combine their use of social media to move their careers forward?


Consider this:  If corporations can market to consumers via Insta and FB, it’s not a huge leap for job seekers to promote themselves to employers to over social media as well.  Think it’s too impersonal to post @GECareers?  A student and I recently found a corporate recruiter’s profile on LinkedIn that provided a link to her work-related Twitter feed – where she tweeted out links to new jobs whenever she posted them!  That student is developing a “professional” Twitter account where he can Tweet directly at recruiters, retweet industry-specific news, and keep up with the goings on at his target companies…and keep it separate from his “personal” account.


Are you in a creative major?  Develop presence on YouTube or Instagram with examples of your work – and then make sure your talents get seen by employers by listing them on your LinkedIn profile or by tagging your target employers’ accounts in your posts…and get THEM to follow YOU.


The possibilities are endless – but always consider keeping your “public” or “professional” social media presence separate from your personal or private one.


And, alas, I’m sorry about the clickbait headline.  But I got you to click through and read, didn’t I?



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illustration from Google images

By John Bau
John Bau Career Consultant, School of Engineering John Bau