Why Your Summer Part-Time Job Matters

Summer is the perfect time to make the most of your work at a company or organization. During the summer, the weather is warmer, the days are brighter for longer, and you likely do not have homework or classes to worry about. Summer is your opportunity to focus on your work, your professional development, and to dedicate your time to the company.


Focus on your Summer Work: You likely will not have a class to rush to for 3PM or a daunting exam to prepare for – so this is your time to put your academic effort into the workplace.

  • Arrive at work on time, or even before.
  • Keep yourself organized and make a list of what it is that needs to get done today, by the end of the week, and by the end of your summer experience. Make those items priorities and pretend you are going to receive a grade on them all.


Focus on your Professional Development: When the time comes and you are ready to leave work for the day – yes it’s refreshing to grab a movie or ice cream with friends or to take a trip to the beach. However, your summer evenings can be used in a way that can move you forward in your professional development journey.

  • Dust off the cobwebs on your LinkedIn profile and make an effort to not only edit and update your profile, but also to make meaningful connections with people you currently work with, fellow UConn students, and people you may know from your community.
  • Take the time to reflect and think about where you may want to be next summer. Do you find your current summer job satisfying? Does this work interest you?


Dedicate your time to the Company: Every organization I have worked for over the summer has asked me to return or has opened doors to new opportunities for me. Does this always happen? No, it certainly does not. However, there are ways that you can increase your chances of being asked back for the following summer.

  • Showing a genuine interest in the company or organization will take you far. If the company or organization is hosting a company BBQ or a special event, make an extra effort to attend.
  • Grabbing lunch with your supervisor or someone within the organization shows that you are in it for more than just a paycheck each week, but also to learn.


Final Thoughts: Your summer job matters because it builds the foundation for future opportunities and gives you a hint of what life will be like after graduation. Taking the time and effort to focus on your summer work while also honing in on furthering your professional development will only help you in your future endeavors. Learning more about the company or organization and becoming invested in the mission of the organization can provide you with a recommendation for future employment.


Cheers to warm sun, flip flops, and summer part-time jobs!

By Tia M. Roy
Tia M. Roy Graduate Assistant