Digital Marketing Technology Knowledge To Add Your Resume

With every new digital community, a new job function is there to reach them. Search, social, and paid marketing are the best careers to look into in digital advertising. With more of the world getting online every day, these professions will continue to grow. Knowledge of the technology used in digital marketing will be an advantage when interviewing.

Search, social, and paid marketing have a specific technology to reach their individual goals. Below are a few examples to start learning about them.

Search Engine Marketing Technology

There are two sides of search engine marketing: search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC). PPC is dependent on good website structure and optimization from SEO. So having a good understanding in both is helpful.

SEO is the easiest to implement and has the highest return of investment (ROI) in digital marketing. Optimizing a website requires nothing more than knowledge of Google’s best practices. But, having tools like a rank tracker and backlink checker will help task management. For larger companies, an SEO platform will be the best choice. A platform can track thousands of keywords and provide insight into optimizing a website.

PPC is preferred by large companies because it guarantees traffic with investment. The goal of a PPC specialist is to reduce the investment for increased traffic. That way they can improve their client’s lead generation at a lower cost. Some great tools for this are Marin and Kenshoo.

Social Marketing Technology

Like search, social has an organic side and a paid side. The organic side involves building an audience naturally through outreach and great content. Building an organic audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram takes time. The key to it is getting shares and mentions by influencers that improve your trust value. Social Tracking and follower building tools are essential in doing this. Facebook released an organic targeting tool for businesses to use when publishing a post.

Paid social is implemented in different ways. The first way is like paid search where you get traffic based on your investment. Facebook and twitter offer tools to do this on their own website. The second, is using users with an authority in social media to post on your behalf. To see which social media profiles to use a company can use an influencer marketing platform. Companies like Revfluence connect a brand to a user so that they can collaborate for mutual benefit.

Social Media Marketing is moving to the top as one of the best ways to generate leads. Usually a company reaches its audience through direct communication. But, communicating through the friends and peers of an audience is becoming more common.

Customer Relation Management Technology

Now that the main digital marketing technology has been explored. There has to be a way to track traffic and audience coming in from them. The traffic can then convert to leads in a b2b environment or customers in a b2c environment. For this purpose, a customer relationship management(CRM) software is used.

Hubspot is a great CRM for small to medium sized companies. It integrates with their website to track their marketing funnel. An anonymous user can is identified and their journey is mapped through a website. This way a marketer can optimize for conversions and increased leads. A larger company may use a CRM like Salesforce with its ability help both sales and marketing teams.

Build Your Knowledge

Using this technology a digital marketing team can improve it’s efficiency and ROI. Adding industry recognized names to your resume will improve chances of getting an interview. The company doesn’t have to work as hard to train you.

If you are interested in learning more, contact companies and request a demo. Being hands on is the best way to learn the use cases and capabilities.

By Surya Ram
Surya Ram Digital Marketing Manager