5 Free Resources for Job Seekers with Disabilities

Did I mention free? I know firsthand how intimidating the job search process can be for someone with a disability. Throughout the years I’ve watched my mom struggle disclosing her disabilities to employers, hoping that wouldn’t overshadow her actual skills and abilities. For a while, it felt like she couldn’t catch a break – first it was cancer, then knee problems, then arthritis – just to name a few (trust me, that’s not even the half of it). Watching my mom embark on a journey she didn’t ask for (without access to resources) inspired me to want to learn more.  Now, as a professional in the field of higher education, I am thrilled to say that I am learning so much about available resources for people with disabilities. And one thing is for sure – free doesn’t come by that often nowadays – so I encourage you to take full advantage of these amazing websites!

  1. JAN: Job Accommodation Network
    JAN is a website brought to you by the U. S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).  The website provides free one-on-one guidance (phone or online chat) on self-employment and free enterprise options, information on the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and interrelated legislature, and information on workplace accommodations. This site is available in both English and Spanish.
  1. SOAR: Searchable Online Accommodation Resource
    SOAR is a resource provided by the Job Accommodation Network. This online database is a library of information for individuals to learn more about accommodations they may need. SOAR offers information explaining the following:

    • Disability definitions
    • Treatment options (if applicable)
    • Limitations associated with each disability
    • Steps on how to get proper accommodations
    • Organizations you can contact to learn more or get help regarding your accommodation(s).
    • Resources for your employer on your disability and accommodation(s).
  1. Getting Hired
    Gettinghired.com is an online job portal designated for people with disabilities and disabled veterans. The services offered include job listings throughout the United States, blog posts on hot topics and trends, an email newsletter, a searchable directory and webinars. Getting Hired has a total of twelve webinars for 2016. All past webinars have been recorded and can be watched at any time on YouTube.
  1. abilityJOBS
    abilityJOBS is an employment website that offers opportunities for candidates seeking employment from entry-level positions to PhD.  One cool feature on abilityJOBS is that it gives the job seeker full control, which means your resume remains anonymous until you allow an employer to contact you!
  1. Disability.gov
    This website is brought to you by the federal government and provides information on programs, policies, laws and regulations. Disability.gov is primarily a resource referral website, that assists you by providing external links, directing you to other websites that provide the content you are seeking.  While this website provides a wide range of information, it is important to highlight that a job seeker can take full advantage of the employment and benefits sections of disability.gov.
By Amelinda Vazquez Rossitto
Amelinda Vazquez Rossitto Associate Director, Programming & Internal Relations Amelinda Vazquez Rossitto