Getting an Oil Change

This morning I took my car in for a regular oil change. It was many miles past the recommendation and as a result, the car was running a bit sluggish. I really should have been at the shop weeks ago. Was there permanent damage? No. Yet, I definitely derailed the productivity and effectiveness of my vehicle by delaying the appointment. In addition, the car has over 100,000 miles and a longer tune up is around the corner, as I plan on keeping the car for a few more years. So today’s visit will lay the foundation for future work and keep costs lower, given I have provided the basic maintenance needed for day to day operations.

Perhaps you are wondering, what does my car’s oil change have to do with the career center? Well, like a vehicle needing regular servicing to keep the car at its optimum level, students also need to have regular check-ins with our office, to keep their career aspirations in focus. If my car’s support mechanisms are set up to work properly, the car will typically run well and can handle unexpected bumps in the road. Similarly, students who use the CCD’s resources and tools will find themselves in a more confident place when they are ready to declare a major, find and go on an internship, start a new job, begin graduate school, or pursue other life plans after college ends, as well as handle change when an intended action is derailed.

What is the equivalent to an oil change at the CCD? I would suggest a résumé critique every semester to assess where you have been and where you want to go. The garage I use offers other services too, that are comparable to a student’s career path. For example:

  • Wheels out of alignment or need to be rotated? A discussion on major or career choices may be due.
  •  Shocks and struts are acting up? Perhaps it is time for a Practice Interview.
  • Feeling like the brakes are not working, and everything is happening too fast? Then a conversation on clarifying values and establishing expectations might be just what is needed.
  • At the 30,000 mile service? Recent alumni are always welcome, to revisit and plan those next steps.

These once or twice a semester visits will guide students through their experience at UConn and allow them to focus on their priorities…getting a great education, developing life-long skills, and finding a career that suits their interests, values, skills and personality. See you at your next oil change.

The CCD is open all summer; call us at 860-486-3013 to schedule your appointment.


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By Beth E Settje
Beth E Settje Associate Director, Experiential Learning & College to Career Transitions | Pronouns: She/Her