Make the Most of What’s Left of Your Summer!

An internship or a job is a great way to further your professional development during the summer, but it is only one of many options. There are plenty of other ways to focus on your career and build your résumé before school starts up this fall. Here are some action steps you can take even within the few weeks of summer you have left.


1. Incorporate informational interviews and/or job shadows into travel

Is your ultimate dream to work in New York City after graduation, either right away or in a few years? Los Angeles? Denver? Wherever that location may be, visit this summer! While you’re there, take full advantage of tourist opportunities, and also spend some time visiting companies you can see yourself working at in the future. Before your trip, use LinkedIn to identify individuals — perhaps alumni, currently working at these companies to set up informational interviews or job shadows to make the most of your visit.

language22. Learn a new language

Have you always wanted to speak fluently in another language? Websites such as and contain resources for learning many different languages, and they’re free! If you practice enough, by the end of the summer, you may be able to add your new language to your résumé, and you will be an even more competitive applicant when you apply for your next internship or job. ¡Buena suerte con sus esfuerzos!

codecode3. Teach yourself how to code

Aren’t you impressed when you run into someone who can code their own website? Luckily, there are countless online resources designed for the public to learn these skills for free as well. For example, and contain training programs in various coding languages including HTML, Java, C++, and more. If you put in the right amount of time and effort, you just might impress others with your coding skills.

Alumni weekend on Oct. 11, 2015. (Roger Castonguay/UConn Photo)

Alumni weekend on Oct. 11, 2015. (Roger Castonguay/UConn Photo)

4. Connect with someone from a local UConn Alumni Network

Did you know there are more than 25 local UConn Alumni Networks throughout the country? As a current student, you can visit the UConn alumni website to find a network near you. Then, check out the network’s social media to see posts about opportunities to connect with UConn alumni in your area. Take the time to reach out to some of the alumni you find and learn about their post-UConn journeys.

Businessman holding a touchpad pc and reading a newspaper5. Stay Industry-Informed

How often do you check the most popular news sources and/or professional publications in your industry? If the answer is always, keep it up! If the answer is never, this summer is the perfect time to get started. Knowing current trends in your industry will definitely help in your classes during the coming school year because you will be able to relate class content to current events, and this knowledge could also come in handy to refer to in future job interviews. Not sure where to find articles or news? Visit the What Can I Do With This Major? page on our website to see what professional associations may be a good fit for your academic and career interests.