What is your resume saying about you?

Applying to a job? Getting your résumé back in shape? Want to help ensure you’re sending the right message? Are you hitting all the right keywords in a job description? I just found the coolest website to help – wordle.net.

I try to update my résumé every year. So, I copied and pasted my current résumé into the Wordle word generator and, voila! Here are the most frequently used terms in my résumé.


I enjoyed seeing my résumé laid out this way. Now, I need to make some adjustments and updates.  The word generator provided me with  insight as to synonyms I may want to use to better indicate my experiences and showed me some overlaps and gaps I need to address.

Psssst… If you’re wondering where to find synonyms and how to start writing or revamping your résumé, check out the Center for Career Development’s Résumé and Professional Writing Guide. Even better, UConn students can attend a CCD workshop or meet with a Career Intern or Counselor — stop by and ask us some questions!

By Pamela Zagami
Pamela Zagami Administrative Services Specialist & Fiscal Officer | Pronouns: she/her/hers