5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Becoming A More Common Career Choice

An ideal job shows promise of growth for the future – a promise of stability – and grants skills that are useful in multiple areas. Considering the digital age we live in, that technology only brings us further into this age, and that any business, blog, game, or informational website generally requires a search engine to bring them traffic, it’s no surprise that digital marketing is a growing field. The only place the internet is going is in our pockets, which means the field is fresh for the harvest of digital marketers.

Incredible Stability
I could break down “incredible stability” into three separate points, all of which are appealing. The three points are:

  • Marketing will never be out of demand
  • There’s a broad client base
  • The high demand means it’s highly lucrative

But let’s go ahead and break it down. Like I said, the internet isn’t going anywhere and businesses will always require some way to bring their existence to the attention of consumers. As consumers are very often on the web, whether at home on a PC or increasingly on their phones, that’s where businesses need to be waving their arms. With all the little elements at play in digital marketing, for a business to do it themselves on top of actually running the business isn’t a great idea, so that puts a big demand for experts.

It’s not just businesses that are in need of hiring digital marketers – unless “business” is defined a little more loosely. Groups that make their money not on products but on ad revenue like bloggers or gaming websites will also need a marketing campaign to bring in clicks and the targeted traffic they’re seeking. Even short-term items like one-time events may seek out the assistance of digital marketing to maximize attendance. Anyone who wants to say, “Hey, look at me, on the internet!” is a potential client.

Between those two points – that marketing is always a necessity and that more than just businesses will need digital marketing – there’s a lot of demand. In fact, there’s higher demand than supply. And you know what that means – an increase in value. Digital marketing attracts so many career seekers because it’s a cozy, comfortable, growing industry.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Internet Savvy
Digital marketing involves an increase in understanding of the flow of the internet from how search engines select their results to how websites gain and maintain a reputation to coding, website design, creating mobile friendliness, and otherwise prettying up. These skills are marketable for any job, or at least nearly any job. That’s not even mentioning the specialties you could develop. And then, there are the skills of business sense and critical/creative thinking. Now those are skills for any market. And skills in “internet savvy” aren’t just useful for future career options – the broad client base means these skills are likely to come up in personal use as well. Although, when it comes to friends and family asking for you to use your professional skills, it might help you understand why your photographer friend becomes irate when associates ask her for a free photo shoot. Regardless, digital marketing teaches good business and life skills.

You Can Start Out On Your Own
There’s so much room for growth and so much demand that if you have the skills you need, you can even start up your own business. Just remember that running your own digital marketing consultation is no walk in the park – being your own boss has its perks but it’s quite difficult, and while there’s plenty of demand, you do actually have to have skills and specializations. It might be better to work for an established digital marketer first.

Something Different Every Day
No two businesses are the same, and their marketing campaigns definitely won’t be. Even if you work with two law firms, their starting points and needs may well be significantly different, as well as the angle they want to take. While the basic points of work might be the same – researching SEO, managing their online reputation, content creation, etc. – the execution of these actions will need to be tailored to each new marketing campaign.

There’s a Variety of Options
Digital marketing is a broad area of industry; someone seeking a job in it has a lot of options, like a digital marketing agency, and their big, small, or medium, or brand leveraging, or to work directly for a company like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, which in a big way are like digital marketing platforms. Within these structures, there’s a variety of positions just like any other business. Variety and room for growth!

Digital marketing is a precious commodity for anyone who desires to have a presence on the internet, and with all the different types of clients, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to do. Even those who have a pretty good understanding of coding and internet navigation are probably still going to need help with marketing, because that’s a specialization, one that will always be needed.

By Murris
Murris Digital Marketing Expert