There IS Enough Time In The Day | Efficiency Tips To Own Your Time

There IS enough time in the day, we just don’t use it WISELY!

Here’s how you can maximize your time to get all you want and need to get done…

1. Wake up earlier:

This change doesn’t have to be drastic. Simply wake up 30 min to 1 hour earlier than usual. During that time, spend your time doing what needs to be done for the day. Waking before others allows you quiet time, as well as the freedom to invest in yourself. Plus, you could even watch a sunrise! If you’d like to know how to be more productive in the morning click the link below:

2. Do the most important tasks/activities first:

Knock out the tasks/activities that are highest on your to-do-list, FIRST. The activities that give you the highest return & benefit should be completed when you are fresh, alert, and have the most mental and physical energy available. Spend time on activities that produce the greatest result. Spend as little time possible doing activities that are unimportant.

Important activities = activities with the greatest benefit/result

Unimportant activities = activities that have little payoff

3. Prepare & Pack:

Pack your clothes & materials the night before, so the next day you won’t even have to even think about it. Your day with flow more smoothly because you put in the effort ahead of time. When you have free time, find ways to set yourself up for more success.

More preparation = less decision making.

4. Plan:

Plan your week ahead of time. Use a planner and/or piece of technology (phone, tablet, app) to help you plan your activities. The more decisions you have to make, the more you enter Decision Fatigue. By planning, you eliminate the guess work, because you’ve already mapped out your course of action. Just as a sea captain uses a map to sail across the sea, you need to have direction.

Your plan MUST be concrete, while being flexible. A good plan is one that is adaptable.

5. Organize:

Keep your environment clean and organized. Knowing where items are placed around you will help you access them quicker. Without added mental energy spent on finding lost items.

A disorganized space can symbolize a disorganized mind.

6. Work while you wait:

During free pockets of time, take advantage of them. Pull out a book, think about your goals, work on your assignment, send your emails, reply to your clients, etc…

There is always something to do.

7. Walk in straight lines:

I know it sounds crazy…hear me out.

To minimize your travel time from place to place, walk in straight lines. If you see a more direct pathway to your destination, take it. Sometimes it’s more efficient to walk on the grass than on the sidewalk. Seconds matter, don’t waste them.

Reduce your travel time to focus on productive time.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. — Archimedes

8. Set deadlines:

When a deadline is set to complete a task/activity, we tend to move faster. The added pressure from a deadline can bring about enhanced productivity.

Giving yourself an unrealistic deadline can actually cause you to rise to the occasion and move faster. I have personally had great results with productivity while using this trick.

Check out this article to learn more about time management:

Set a timer and try to finish that activity before it stops, you’ll be surprised at how you perform.

9. Stack your activities:

While you do one activity, work on another.

While doing homework…put in laundry.

While traveling…listen to a podcast.

While sleeping…have your content scheduled to publish for the next day.

While eating breakfast…listen to a motivational video.

Pair one active activity with a passive one.

“Kill two birds with one stone”

10. Be a minimalist:

Get rid of any clutter in your life. Whether it be inessential things, negative people, negative self- talk, etc. Having too much of anything can be a burden in life. More things require more time. Get rid of the inessential and live a lean life.

Keep it simple.

Less is MORE.

11. Motivate/Inspire yourself daily:

Charge your battery every day with content that motivates you, inspires you, and raises your spirit. If one is motivated and inspired, they put themselves in the mindset of getting things done. Give yourself that extra push to keep your momentum going.

Charge your battery, feed your soul.

12. Try One Class:

Save time, get course notes, study guides, and resources for your courses. Here’s the link…

If you truly love life, then don’t waste time. Time is the one resource we’ll never get back.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read this!

By Hendrix Taylor
Hendrix Taylor Resident Assistant