Five Effective Techniques to Find a Job

The best way to begin a new chapter in your life, is to start today.  This is true for picking up a new hobby, starting a new path in education, or beginning a job search.  So, the fact that you are even reading my philosophy-filled blog post is a sign that you are ready to begin that job search.  You may be nervous, confused, and have no idea where to even start, but do not fret, the Center for Career Development has your back.

To effectively search and obtain a job, you must follow some specific guidelines and techniques.

  1. Boost your online presence.This is the easiest technique for our generation to master.  Employers and industries have caught on to the incoming workforce’s love of technology and has manipulated it in their favor.  Prior to an interview, the employers have access to all of your social media and other online historical data.  For those that prepare, this is a hidden blessing, while for others it can be the end of their path with said employer.

    To prepare, make sure that your social media is cleaned up before you even apply to any jobs.  Also, update your LinkedIn Profile to showcase your skills, prior experience, and accreditations.  For help on updating your LinkedIn make an appointment at the Center for Career Development.

  2. Use your connections, and your connections’ connections.This is a very useful technique if used correctly.  Networking is the most widely used way to find a job AND the most effective way to find a job.  Clearly this is an important technique; but how do you know which connections to use and how to use them?

    To answer both questions, use LinkedIn.  Become a member of several groups on LinkedIn and find 2nd or 3rd connections who work in the same industry as you.  Contact these new connections and maintain good communication with them.

  3. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.In many cases, after you apply for a job you won’t hear back for a few weeks.  Instead of waiting around and doing nothing, reach out again.  Use different channels of communication to prove how interested you are in the position; try email, phone calls, or even stopping into the office.
  4. Get organized.Rather than apply for a bunch of jobs and forget which ones you even applied to, try keeping a spreadsheet or journal of all the companies you applied to and their contact information.  You can also use this to track notes on what you like about the company/position and to track whether or not you contacted them.
  5. Start now.You are already beginning the search by reading this blog post, now get started!

“Today is not just another day. It’s a new opportunity, another chance, a new beginning.  Embrace it.” –Unknown

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