Professional Photo Do’s and Don’ts

DO: Utilize your professional photo in your LinkedIn profile, on business cards, and for conference materials and event presentations

A professional photo makes a great first impression and sends a positive message that you are serious about your career. You might also consider taking a professional photo within your research setting:
UConn TIP Bioscience and STEM cover picture

DO: Consider your audience

When selecting your professional photo, think about the type of person you want to portray:

  • Do you appear friendly, confident, approachable?
  • Do you look and feel like yourself? Ask others for their opinions!

DO: Be consistent

Use the same photo for all of your professional accounts to be sure that your audience will be able to best pair your face to your name. Think of your photo as a marketing tool, like the swoosh for Nike and the golden arches of the McDonald’s chain — you want to use your photo to create a personal brand.

DON’T: Use a cropped photo

Although you might appear professional in your suit and tie at your brother’s wedding, if your photo includes his arm around your shoulder – it is probably not a great choice. Also, using a photo that is not the appropriate size for uploading can make it appear extremely blurry.

DON’T: Use an unprofessional background

If the background of your photo is too busy it can be extremely distracting. You may have taken a great photo during your recent trip to the city, but the outdoor setting and busy street lights can make it difficult to focus on you as the subject.

DON’T: Use a Selfie and/or an Instagram filter

It’s too easy to spot selfies and aggressive photo editing; save those photos for your trendy social media accounts. Leave it to a professional’s retouching tools and you will be much happier with the high quality results!

Avoid these “Don’ts” and get your professional photo taken at the Center for Career Development!

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By Briana Williams
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