#MediaMentors – How Binging on ‘Parks and Rec’ is ACTUALLY Making You a Better Job Candidate

We’ve all been there before – maybe at this point in the semester you’re in the midst of a binge-watching frenzy in attempt to fend off midterm panic. Between binging on Netflix and mentally preparing for midterms, there’s just no time to think about job training, right? Wrong. After closely inspecting “Parks and Recreation,” we’ve discovered that there are many important career lessons that one can learn from binging on this class favorite.

1) Good Attitude

Many hiring professionals would agree that a good attitude is one of the most important features they look for in a potential job candidate. One need only watch literally five minutes of Chris Trager’s bubbling positivity to get in the right mindset for a job interview – or running a 10k, either one.


2) Entrepreneurship

There are few TV characters as entrepreneurially motivated as Andy Dwyer. Only a handful of customers frequent his shoe shine business, but he uses the prime location in Pawnee City Hall to sell CD’s for his band, Mouse Rat. Adapting this same entrepreneurial thinking is never a bad idea when coming to work for a new company. Fresh thinking is a sign of a motivated employee, and that’s what job professionals are looking for.


3) Resilience

Bouncing back from a career hiccup is never an easy thing to do. Ben Wyatt is an expert on this. Having bankrupted an entire town as mayor in his youth, it would be easy for him to hide from the political sphere forever. But does he? Of course, not! Resilience is important in any situation, but showing that you have the perseverance to push through career pitfalls will make you appear reliable and trustworthy to your professional colleagues.


4) Patience

Waiting for a response email after a long interview can be grueling. But if April Ludgate teaches us anything, it’s that patience pays off. After years of keeping nagging clients out of Ron Swanson’s office, she is eventually promoted from intern to full-time assistant (whether she likes it or not).


5) Leslie Knope-ism

Yes, we made this –ism up. But watching Leslie Knope does something to your subconscious that cannot be fully explained by existing dictionary terminology. Whether it’s doing a filibuster in roller skates or revamping the Pawnee Harvest Festival, Leslie approaches every professional challenge with confidence and poise. Channeling even 50% of Leslie’s enthusiasm into your professional life will earn you that dream job in no time!


There you have it, folks. Next time your parents nag you about binging on too much TV, let them know that it’s for the betterment of your future career – and that you’re still definitely going to show up to take your midterms, too.

By Autumn Magro
Autumn Magro Communications Intern