#TechTuesday – Taking Advantage of Vault as a Career Resource

While your first stop for research may have always been Google, UConn provides you with access to one of the world’s leading research sites for companies, schools, internships, and jobs so why not use it? Vault is easy to access and provides you with filtered information on both career development and career opportunities — one of the most expansive industry and profession databases accompanied by reviews, rankings, blogs and more!

Career Advice

Vault offers users comprehensive guidelines to professional writing including cover letters and résumés as well as information on interviewing and networking. Dozens of articles answer questions like why it’s important to have a well-tailored résumé or cover letter, how to prepare for interviews, what networking is all about and so much more!


Browse graduate schools by location or area of study or simply consult Vault’s ranked list of the country’s top graduate programs. Each school listed is attached to a general overview, a list of its academic programs and degrees, student reviews, and “Vault’s Verdict.” This last part provides you with a thorough analysis of admissions, academics, career opportunities, campus life, and more so that you can make the best decision possible.

Companies and Internships

At the site’s core is an immense repertoire of information on hundreds of internships and companies. To obtain the information you’re looking for, simply search by specific name or even by industry or field. The results will yield overviews of the programs or companies, employee reviews, and even instructions on how to apply. Each company or internship is also displayed with other information such as locations and useful statistics. Like this, Vault provides you with valuable and up to date information while saving you the trouble of finding it all by yourself.

Whether you need information on Law School or Business School, internships or jobs, or are simply looking for some career oriented advice, Vault is available to you online 24/7. Research a company, submit a review, or read one of the many career oriented blogs and start taking advantage of Vault today!

By: Alex Argueta

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