5 Online Resources Every Girl Boss Should Use

“I feel really grateful to the people who encouraged me and helped me develop. Nobody can succeed on their own.” – Sheryl Sandberg

I couldn’t agree more; if a woman wants and has the drive to pursue her dreams, she should have the opportunity to – and she should have help. I have been extremely fortunate to work in teams with thoughtful, intelligent women. These women are my role models, friends, and mentors – they have used their professional resources to lift me up. As women, I believe it is imperative that we support one another in the workplace.

In addition to a strong community, here are five online resources I believe are the most useful for new female professionals. Feel free to put on “Run the World” by Beyoncé and have a look!


  1. http://theskimm.com/

Though not just for women, the Skimm is an “email newsletter that gives you everything you need to know to start your day.” Please remember, ignorance is not a good quality. In reality, however, who has time to read the New York Times every morning or watch hours of CNN? I’ve found the Skimm to be particularly helpful in ensuring that I don’t miss an important headline or news story.



  1. https://www.lindseypollak.com/

Lindsey Pollak describes herself as a “millennial workplace expert;” having read several of her books and blog posts, I would agree. She tackles many topics, some of my favorites include:

Can Bosses and Employees Be Friends? How to Navigate the Work Friend Zone.

What Does Work-Life Balance Mean in 2016?

How to Love Networking (Even if You Hate the Word)

4 Public Speaking Tips You Haven’t Heard Before



  1. http://leanin.org/

Many of us are familiar with the work of Sheryl Sandberg and her world-wide best-seller. While the book itself is a worthwhile read, the Lean In website features small community groups (called “Circles”), women’s stories from around the world, thoughtful articles for both men and women, and the Women in the Workplace Study from 2015.



  1. http://www.careercontessa.com

Career Contessa features career-related articles, a newsletter, and individual mentoring sessions. While I can’t speak to the mentoring portion of their website, I find their articles are witty and thoughtful – and timely in content.



  1. http://www.iwantherjob.com

We’ve all met or read about someone and thought, “Wow. I would love to have their job.” I Want Her Job publishes interviews with these individuals, in fields such as: acting, consulting, finance, fitness, public relations, research, and more. While I’ve never utilized their job search tools, consider this a way to learn more about industries at your own pace – if 99% of what the individual is describing sounds incredible, perhaps that field should be one you consider for yourself!


So remember, empowered women empower women. Work hard. Help each other. And, stay kind.

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By Ana Clara Blesso
Ana Clara Blesso Associate Director, Career Coaching & Experiential Learning Ana Clara Blesso