#MediaMentors – Horror Movies That Will Prepare You for the Job Force

It’s Halloween, Huskies. Eating candy and watching horror movies is not the most productive thing to do on a Monday, but you’ll be happy to know that they are doing something besides making you jump 20 feet off the couch. Here are five horror movies that will inadvertently prepare you for the job force.


Always Research the Job – “The Shining”
Jack Torrence made a fatal error when he didn’t look into the history of the Overlook Hotel before his interview. “The Shining” enforces the importance of using Glassdoor to research employee reviews before setting up an interview. Unluckily for Jack, Google wasn’t a thing when he became the caretaker of the Overlook.


Speak Up – “It Follows”
Jay had a lot to lose when she told her friends that an invisible creature was following her around. It’s easy to say nothing in certain uncomfortable situations, but being open with your employer is necessary for a healthy and productive work environment. A lot of the times, these issues are not as scary or daunting as they appear to be.


Eight Hours of Sleep – “A Nightmare on Elm Street”
Nancy was fighting off sleep for a good duration of this classic 80s horror flick. Coming into work fully rested is a simple, albeit overlooked element that goes into a successful work day. And while a nightmarish man with knives for fingers won’t be waiting for you if you do fall asleep at work, your boss certainly won’t be happy to find you snoozing at your desk.


Location, Location, Location – “Crimson Peak”
Edith knew right away that Crimson Peak would never be home. Being comfortable in your place of work is just as important as the work itself. If parking in Hartford gives you anxiety, then maybe a small boutique in Coventry is better suited to your workplace needs.


Not Every Job is For You – “The Conjuring”
The Warrens are probably one of the bravest couples around, but some paranormal cases were just not worth the effort (looking at you, Annabelle). Not every job position is going to be a good fit for you. Don’t apply for a position out of obligation or stress; the perfect one is out there, and there are plenty of people available to help you find it.


Halloween is a great time to think about the things that scare us the most. The first day at a new job can be scarier than even the most scream-inducing horror flick. However, pushing beyond that initial fear is rewarding, and we hope that some of your favorite horror movies will prep you beforehand.
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By Autumn Magro
Autumn Magro Communications Intern