Overcoming Your Interview Anxiety

Soon after the excitement of being offered an interview sets in, it is completely normal to become nervous about what you will say, how to prepare, what to wear, and how the interview will ultimately go. Take a deep breath and know that preparation is key. If you commit time and energy to preparing for your interview, you should shed some of the feelings of anxiety. Here are some tips and tricks for overcoming your interview anxiety:

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: You should research the company thoroughly, understand the position you are applying for, and use practice questions to mock the real interview. Better yet, utilize the Center for Career Development’s practice interview service. You can sign up for an interview slot by calling the office at (860) 486-3013 or by stopping by the office. You should prepare for the practice interview as if you were at the actual interview. You will be provided with feedback that you can use towards preparing for the real interview. Additionally, Big Interview is a resource you can access that allows you to practice further.

Relax: You should take a step back from practicing and preparing to take some time for you. We don’t prescribe what you do during that “relax time”, but think about something that will allow you to take a breather. This could be doing a fitness class, sitting outside, shopping, reading a magazine, etc.

Practice with Family & Friends: Your family and friends should be honest and supportive during your interview preparation. Call on them to ask you interview questions, to give you feedback on your interview attire, and to just provide positive energy. They can be the supportive boost you need to ease the interview anxiety.

Think about yourself at the company: When you are driving to campus or walking to class, visualize yourself at the company. Be confident that you belong there – this mentality will help you to feel less nervous when you are physically at the organization for the interview.

Find the Interview Location Early: If time and location allow, do your best to find the company or organization BEFORE your interview time. Find the place you will park, find the exact building, office, and waiting area. Doing this preparation ahead of time will ease the anxiety for the actual interview. You will now know exactly how long it will take you to get to your location and you will have a visual picture in your mind of where you will be for the interview.

Keep in mind that you can come into the Center for Career Development during walk in hours (M-F, 12-4pm) to debrief your interview. We would be happy to talk with you about your experience!

By Tia Roy
Tia Roy Graduate Assistant