6 Ways To Find Your Calling And Detect Your Potential

Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do itMany people know what they want to be in life since childhood. And they start doing it very early in life too. You probably have heard true stories of incredible prodigies, such as Mozart, who composed his first plays when he was only four or five years old. But it doesn’t happen to everybody, as you know. Most children will answer the common question “what you will be when you grow up?” with the first exciting thing that comes to their minds. It will be “an astronaut”, “a ballerina”, or “a firefighter”. Not that we couldn’t choose one of these professions. But that isn’t what we really mean back then. So when the time comes when we have to choose a path in life, it is no surprise if we don’t know what we want to do. In many occasions, we even go to university, get a degree, get married, have children, and still have no clue if we truly want it. Thankfully, it is never too early or too late to find your calling and detect your potential in life. And there are very simple ways to achieve this goal, such as following suggestions:

# 1 – Write down your favorite activities

Even though many people believe that there is a clear difference between work and fun, the truth is that you can only excel in what you enjoy doing. Your job will take up at least 8 hours of you daily, so it must not be something that will make you feel miserable. So the first suggestion is that you use writing to change your life. Start by making a list of your favorite activities, places, plus happy moments and people you love the most. Write down your hobbies and things that you would do even if nobody were looking. Then highlight those activities in which you know you can do better than average. There you might uncover your true calling.

# 2 – Talk to professionals and visit workplaces

Another way to detect your potential is by taking to people from different professions. Tell them that you are on a search and that you would like to know what exactly they do, and how is a working day in their lives. If possible, join them in their workplace so that you can see it with your own eyes. And in the case that there isn’t anyone to ask, you can try and find an internship, even a temporary and unpaid one. Notice how you feel while doing the job, then you might find what you are looking for.

# 3 – Travel back to the past

As mentioned before, on many occasions, our calling is very clear when we are a child. Even if we are no prodigy, it still there. What happens sometimes is that it gets repressed by concerned parents who want to prepare their children for “proper jobs”, or of ourselves because we think we aren’t good enough to fulfill such ambition. But if you are an adult and still not sure about your passion, maybe it is time to travel back to the past and check if there was an indication of it there. Try to remember things that you loved when you were a child, your favorite toys, and activities. Ask your parents, relatives, and friends about what they thought you would become when you were to become an adult. You might get some incredible insights from this conversation.

# 4 – Forget about the money

It is quite frequent that people have a clear idea of what their calling is but don’t feel like they should go for it. And the reason behind is that they assume that there is no money on it. That they won’t be able to support a family, or even themselves, if they follow their hearts. But it couldn’t be more wrong. If you are really good at doing something, money will come from it, have no doubt. I am sure that, after a bit of research, you will find at least a handful of people who are enjoying a decent life and doing exactly what you dream. And there are several odd jobs that pay more than a manager can make in a big firm. So why couldn’t you do the same? Rest assured that most of the unsuccessful people are those who do the opposite: insist in paths that they hate and have no desire to put their best on it.

# 5 – Forget about other people

Another thing that you might be doing is considering too much what other people say about your choices. You might be spending your time trying to ignore your true calling because you think it is embarrassing, for example. Or because you are trying to make others happy by running the family business instead of opening your own.

Unfortunately, it is what is called a receipt for disaster. What you do with your life is up to you and you only. Nobody can live your life for you either. And you are the person who has to live with the idea that you aren’t doing what you want. Plus, remember that people who truly loves you want to see you happy.

# 6 – Look for a career coach or a therapist

There is nothing wrong in asking for support when you need it. And there are plenty of professionals ready to help you to find your answers among all the confusion going on in your mind. So just go ahead and look for a career coach if your goal is to find out what to do with your professional life. Or, if you are interested in a deeper and broader experience, hire a psychologist, therapist, or counselor. Yes, any of the options above will cost you some money, but you will be saving in the long term after you put yourself together.

The bottom line

There you got six ways to find your calling and detect your potential – any of them can help you to achieve your goal. Be prepared to do some work, as you might realize that you need to implement more than one at the same time to see the big picture. And that is OK too. What it is not OK is for you to keep living a life that you don’t enjoy just because you can’t face your own fears and doubts. So spare some time today and start thinking about what you want to do from now on. And be brave to make the decisions that you might need. Best of luck!

By Malia Keirsey
Malia Keirsey