What to Say When an Interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?”

“Do you have any questions?”

Near the end of an interview it is extremely common for the employer to ask, “Do you have any questions?” It’s important that you do not panic and that you do not respond with, “No, I think you have covered everything.”

Instead, use the interviewer’s question as an opportunity to learn more about the job, company, etc. By asking intelligent questions you will appear not only prepared, but also genuinely interested in the employer’s response. If you can, ask a question about something the employer briefly mentioned earlier in the interview. This approach shows that you were paying attention and have great listening skills!

It is also important to keep your questions focused on what you can learn about the job and avoid topics such as salary, benefits, and vacation time. Stay away from topics concerning what the company can do for you, but rather ask questions that will help you to determine your fit with the position.

Consider asking a few of these common questions:

1.       What is the rhythm of a typical day in this position?

A.     With whom might the individual work on a daily basis?

B.     Are the responsibilities team-based or mostly individual assignments?

C.     To whom does the person in the role report?

2.      Can you tell me more about the company culture?

A.     How did you begin working with the company?

B.     What do you find most rewarding about your position with this company?

C.     What is the most challenging part?

3. In your experience, what qualities and skills contribute to one’s success in this position?


Pro Tip: Do research on the company and be able to ask specific questions about programs they offer such as training and mentoring. Prepare your questions ahead of time and write them down in your pad folio! The last thing you want to do is forget a great question.

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By Briana Williams
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