#MediaMentors “Holiday Flicks that Will Put in the Mindset for Job-Hunting”

As finals week approaches, we can’t help but daydream about the coming weeks camped out in front of the TV watching ABC holiday specials. But underneath all the wintertime cheer and steaming hot cocoa are a few productive tidbits that #MediaMentors dug up that will put you in the mindset for job-hunting over break!

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

This eccentric holiday film challenges our expectations of what constitutes a Christmas movie as it features many classic Halloween characters. But Jack Skellington’s ability to think outside the book will inspire you to look into job positions that you ordinarily wouldn’t on your own. If you’re Finance major, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be perfect for that Save the Children internship! Be bold like Jack, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

  • The Polar Express

The protagonist of this film has the classic problem that most children face in their youth: believing in Santa. As young adults, Santa Claus isn’t much of a factor anymore, but believing in our ability to find the perfect job is. Many times, that dream job is as elusive as the jolly bearded-man himself, but if this movie teaches us anything it’s that having a little faith in ourselves is all we need.

  • The Holiday

In this heartwarming holiday film, Amanda Woods is a total wreck and can’t see past her own way. That is until she ups and goes to London for the holiday. A change of scenery can be incredibly helpful for those of you sitting behind your computer at home for hours on end to no avail. You don’t need to leave the country, but relocating to your local Starbucks can do wonders for your job-hunting productivity.

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

No one wants to hire a Grinch with a bad attitude. But taking a closer look at this infamous villain teaches us the importance of mingling with others. The Grinch is stuck in a cycle of hate and self-loathing until little Cindy Lou Who knocks at his door and opens up a myriad of opportunities for him. Networking with others during your job hunt can produce some fantastic results if you give it a chance.

  • Love Actually

Even the Prime Minister’s need a break every once in awhile. In this classic holiday romance, emotions run high leading up to the holiday, but Hugh Grant shows us the therapeutic power of breaking out into dance. If you’re in a rut while job-hunting, go for a walk, grab some coffee, and maybe do a little dance. You never know when inspiration might hit you.

Job-hunting can be stressful. Let your favorite holiday films put you in the right mindset following finals, and you’ll be surprised at all the productivity and positive thinking you bring to the table! Happy Holidays, Huskies!

By Autumn Magro
Autumn Magro Communications Intern