When Emojis Just Won’t Do

Before getting into email etiquette – can we just take a second to appreciate the Elle Woods’ MacBook throwback?

Ok, thanks. Moving on..

The next time you search for an internship or job, I can 100% guarantee you’ll be corresponding with the company in at least one email – whether it’s submitting a resume, confirming an interview time, or hopefully, accepting a position. As much as you want to show your best self in person, you want to keep your email communications on point, too. Email and written communication are sometimes trickier than connecting in person. Have you ever sent a text to someone and they “read into it too much” and took it the wrong way, or been annoyed when someone didn’t text you back? We’re lucky we have emojis to make our messages clearer (nothing is funny until you include the crying-laughing smiley) but you can’t use those in professional emails. And when should you use professional email etiquette? Every time it’s not personal communication – so that means with professors, campus staff, Center for Career Development staff (wink wink), recruiters, LinkedIn contacts, etc.

While spelling and punctuation are critical, tone and response time are just as important. Check out the Vogue article below for some great email etiquette tips.



Photo credit: vogue.com

By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Ashley Browning