Summer is coming…and so are internship deadlines!

Although winter is here, it is not too early to start thinking of summer…internships that is.

With the first week of classes underway, it is hard to imagine thinking about anything other than the fact that you have three midterms on the same day and already a pile of homework accumulating.  Although the beginning of the semester may be overwhelming, it is a good idea to start thinking about your upcoming summer and future career aspirations.

There are three big reasons why you should start thinking about your summer internship opportunities:

  1. Deadlines are approaching
    Most large businesses and corporations close their summer internship applications several months before the internship begins. In order to avoid missing an important deadline, start your search now.

    It is important to stay organized while conducting your internship search. For example, you can keep a list of internships or companies that interest you and their application deadlines. This will allow you to stay on top of those important dates.

    The last thing that you want is to begin your internship search too late and realize that you missed hundreds of amazing opportunities.

  2. This is the perfect time to search
    Even if you already have a stack of assignments due next week, you have to admit that you are less busy now then you would be once exams hit. On top of the free time that you have accumulated over the next few weeks, the Center for Career Development has also lined up some awesome events that will help you on your search.
  3. Gives you a chance to enjoy the rest of your semester
    The last and perhaps most rewarding reason you should begin your search now is that the sooner you finish your search the sooner you can stop worrying about finding an internship. Once the search is over and you have landed an internship, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the semester, unless you still have a pile of work ahead of you.

By Taylor Patterson
Taylor Patterson Experiential Learning Intern