Gaining Experience Advice for Students with Disabilities

Often students with disabilities focus more on their academics and their disability needs and find at graduation that they do not have the same experiential learning or leadership experiences as their peers. While students with disabilities have strong grade point averages, they find that they do not have the student activities, leadership or internship that would position them to be a viable candidate for entry-level employment. What are some options for students to build their experience?

There are many post-graduation experiences to get involved in that will allow a student to build skills and gain career clarification. Consider volunteering! Volunteering in a work environment that interests you allows you to determine if that career is right for you while learning valuable transferable and related skills. It is a great way to build your résumé. Another option is to gain a post baccalaureate internship. A quick search on google using “Post baccalaureate Internships” as the search term identifies many valuable experiences. Remember to look for internship opportunities on HuskyCareerLink as well. Lastly, networking is a way to connect with professionals in a particular field to informationally interview them about their careers and career journey. Professionals working in the field have a wealth of insider information about occupations that can assist you with not only determining a career path but connecting with those individuals and resources who are doing that job. Remember to use LinkedIn and the UConn Alumni Association as resources to connect with professionals.

It may take a little more time after graduation to discover your career passion and gain experience but with perseverance, it can be done!

By Laura Evangelista
Laura Evangelista Assistant Director for Curriculum Design and Pre-Professional Advising Laura Evangelista