Not Your Ordinary Internship!

A bright and early 9:00 a.m. shift to prepare for a Practice Interview with a student preparing for a full-time job interview, then to a résumé critique shift at 10 a.m., followed by class, and a FYE presentation to a class this afternoon – this is what a Career Intern might expect to juggle during a typical day. Let me also not forget the weeklong training that takes place the week before fall semester classes and the ongoing training on résumé critiquing, small group résumé reviews, presentations to first-year students as well as to organizations and clubs on campus, and conducting practice interviews.

If I haven’t scared you yet (and I’m not trying to), then keep reading…

Career Interns are a huge part of the Center for Career Development and without them, we couldn’t provide the service that we do. As of the end of February, Career Interns were responsible for critiquing around 2,000 résumés. They spoke to around 100 classes and organizations delivering résumé development presentations and workshops, and worked evening and weekend hours at events such as open houses and small group résumé review sessions to name just two. The 10-15 hours per week the interns commit to the Center for Career Development does not go unnoticed and I can tell you that they crunch multiple projects and responsibilities into those internship hours. Dedication, commitment, and flexibility are critical to the success of interns.

While the Center for Career Development benefits from their dedication and hard work, interns reap lots of benefits no doubt. For one, they get to participate in an on-campus internship. It doesn’t matter what your major is, all students can apply. Career Interns go through such comprehensive training that within just a few months, they are able to further develop public speaking, teaching, and time-management skills – and all of these skills are critical no matter the industry. And, the most important benefit, in my opinion, is accessibility to career professionals. Each and every day, interns are surrounded by professional staff who can guide and advise them in preparing for next steps after college. Success is our mission!

Though I may be biased, this is the best internship in town and I think our Career Interns would agree!

To apply for a Career Internship for 2017-2018, you must do so by this Friday, March 10th! The posting can be found at by searching for Internship – Reference #8225.

By Jennifer Grunwald
Jennifer Grunwald Career Consultant, School of Fine Arts Profile Picture