When is the best time to find a job or internship?

Some students already have their first job after graduation secured, with the offer being made and accepted last fall. This might be a result of a “conversion,” a summer internship that resulted in a job offer at the end of the internship. It might also be that they’re entering a leadership development program (LDP), hosted in many larger companies for a “class” of new hires to experience varied aspects of the company, including departments, roles and locations. The insurance and defense industries are well-known for LDP’s, as well as many sales organizations.

But if you’re not one of those “conversions” or planning to enter an LDP it’s not too late to find your internship or job. In fact, many – if not most – of the small-mid-sized firms look to hire in the spring, around the time of our annual spring career fair (this is no coincidence). Companies hiring between 1 and 10 new employees are just starting their search now, and posting many positions in HuskyCareerLink.

Why is that? Smaller companies don’t generally have a full group of new hires who start on one day and go through a structured program. They generally don’t have the time, space or resources – or need – to hire large numbers each year, so they don’t have to plan a year+ rotational curriculum. They can hire one or two new people to fill their business need and grow at their expected rate.

Are you planning to work at a very large company? Search for positions at the end of the summer, make sure you apply for positions in the early fall and attend the fall career fairs. Most hiring for LDP’s and very large corporations are complete by Thanksgiving.

Planning to work elsewhere? Start-up? Smaller company? Non-profit or local government? The time is now! There are plenty of jobs posted in HuskyCareerLink and the spring career fair is scheduled for March 29th. The vast majority of businesses in America are small businesses and many are growing. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there – you just need to look.

By Lisa McGuire
Lisa McGuire Associate Director, Corporate Partner Relations