Your End of Semester To-Do List

Spring Break is a distant memory, and while it’s sad it’s over, look on the bright side: your semester is officially halfway over!

Between studying for finals, finishing those end-of-semester projects and figuring out how you want to spend your summer vacation, you might not be thinking about career-related stuff. But since I’m with the Center for Career Development, I’m of course going to tell you that you NEED to think about that stuff. I’m realistic, though and since you probably have a lot to juggle as the semester draws to a close, I’ve incorporated career “stuff” into what you’ve already been planning to do.

  1. Find something to do this summer. Interning, volunteering, lifeguarding, just plain ole’ working to pay tuition – all of these are good options. Be sure to jot down any accomplishments, things you learned, or takeaways from these positions as you’ll want to add them to your resume this Fall.
  2. Update your LinkedIn. Reflect back on this semester’s accomplishments. Whether it was participating in a club, completing a service learning project, finishing up an internship or maybe wrapping up some interesting research…if it’s related to your career interests, you might want to consider adding it to your LinkedIn. Not sure how? Stop by the Center for Career Development for a quick LinkedIn consultation.
  3. Don’t forget to “KIT”. Maybe I’m dating myself, but “K-I-T” or “keep in touch” was THE thing to add during yearbook signings. Make sure to connect with classmates, supervisors, instructors and coworkers on LinkedIn so you can maintain those relationships for networking. If you anticipate needing letters of reference or recommendations for your summer job or internship, it’s never too early to ask!

And, if you still aren’t sure what to do with your summer vacation but are considering an internship, co-op or career-related job, come by the Center for Career Development for guidance.

Happy planning!


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By Ashley Browning
Ashley Browning Assistant Director, Corporate Partner Relations Ashley Browning