Understanding LinkedIn updates

You may have noticed that LinkedIn has changed its look and user interface. LinkedIn has worked to simplify navigation and to make their mobile and desktop versions consistent in their operation. With the roll-out of the new version, some of the new things you should be aware of are:

Streamlined Navigation: There are now seven core areas on the navigation bar:

  • Home (your feed)
  • Messaging
  • Jobs
  • Notifications
  • Me
  • My Network
  • Search

With the newly added “More” button, you can gain access to LinkedIn Learning, Groups, and other useful experiences.

Smarter Messaging: With real-time messaging, you can message a connection whenever you like. LinkedIn will also provide you with insights across the site to help you break the ice in any conversation- if you see a job posting you are interested in, LinkedIn can suggest someone within your network who works at the company.

Updated feed: LinkedIn has enabled algorithms and human editors to fine-tune your Feed to give you the most relevant content from people and publishers you care most about.

More intuitive search: With one universal search box and updated filters (on the right hand side), you can easily find companies, jobs, groups, people, and schools.

Suggestions for improving your profile: LinkedIn has improved profile suggestions so you can easily see what you need to do to look your best professionally. For example, LinkedIn will suggest skills you should add to your profile based on what recruiters are searching for.

By Eran Peterson
Eran Peterson Assistant Director, Career Coaching and Counseling Eran Peterson