How to Ace a Skype Interview: Tips on Getting it Right

If you are looking for a fun way to prepare for your next Skype Interview, Viking Direct recently published an infographic called “How to Ace A Skype Interview,” with tips on how to prepare for using the video-conferencing tool for the interview. Do not be fooled by the pictures. The hilarious illustrations actually give important advice on getting things in order for Skype interviews. From issues of technology to professional appearance, the infographic covers the essential steps that every interview candidate should take prior to the Skype interview. Here is a brief look into some of the illustration’s major points.


Make sure your profile name and picture are professional enough for the interviewer to see. You do not want to be the interviewer’s first impression of you.


Exchange Skype information with the interviewer beforehand to avoid the waiting game of who is calling whom before the interview. While exchanging this information, talk to the interviewer about a backup plan in case of technical difficulties. Doing this will allow you to save time in the face of technical issues out of your control.

Technical Aspects

Check the audio settings on your computer to ensure you can be heard clearly and without echo. You should check both your computer settings and your audio settings within Skype to make sure your microphone is on and functioning properly. The same goes for checking your video settings. Make sure there are no harsh glares or backlighting stealing your spotlight.

When it comes to staying connected to the internet, try using an Ethernet cable to ensure internet connection throughout the entire interview. (Because, let’s be honest, we all know that UCONN-SECURE is not the most reliable).

Professional Appearance

While it may be tempting to go without, you should definitely wear pants during your Skype interview. You want to dress the same way you would for a normal interview in the case that you have to stand up or move around.


When preparing for Skype interviews, is it is your responsibility to control the atmosphere. Let your roommates/ family know about your call and ask them not to disturb you. This goes for canine companions as well! Put your pets in a different room to avoid a surprise appearance during the interview.


Have your application documents in front of you for quick and easy referencing. You can use post-it notes to pin important information onto the screen. This way you will have access to information without having to shuffle through endless piles of notes.

Need more help on acing the Skype interview? Check out the Center for Career Development’s virtual interview supplement, for more details related to Skype interview prep. You can also sign up for an in-person or virtual Practice Interview to receive personalized feedback on your interviewing skills. As always, the Center for Career Development is here to help you successfully prepare for your next interview.