USAJobs Updates

If you are searching for a federal job you should know about some helpful new updates on USAJOBS. These major updates help provide a faster, easier, and more relevant job search for users. Some of the new features are improved search filters, the ability to search by unique hiring paths, and an improved search engine.

The new search filter updates will allow you to search by one or more filter at the same time, as well as combining their pre-existing basic and advanced search options into one usable search view allowing the user to utilize both simultaneously. Now you can avoid resubmitting searches when adding new filters with an update allowing you to simply apply new filters to an existing search.

A word of warning though: as a result of these new updated search features, any old saved searches will not be lost but instead archived on USAJOBS. Any saved searches from before April 8th, 2017 will be archived and you will not be able to run your archived saved searches or get email notifications from them until you either create a new save search using the new features, or unarchive so you can use them.

Here is a video showing how to unarchive your saved searches:

Here is a video showing how to update your saved searches:

In addition to the new more powerful search filters, you can also search for positions by unique hiring paths which will help user view positions based on their eligibility. Some of the unique hiring paths include; individuals with disabilities, military spouses, students and recent grads, veterans, and Peace Corps and VISTA Alumni. For more information on eligibility and to see which paths you may be eligible for visit