Vacation or New Career?

Do you like to be active, even when on vacation? Do you want to make a difference or learn a new skill? Looking for an idea for the summer or a semester break? Ready to enhance your résumé and find new stories for interviews? If so, there are working and volunteer vacation options available for those who want to be active on their time off and are excited about some unique ways to develop career competencies needed for success.


Ready to develop or enhance your building techniques? Check out agencies such as Habitat for Humanity or HistoriCorps. Both seem to have structured programs that teach basic life skills as well as ones that can translate to a number of fields including engineering, social work, and construction.

Animal Care                          

How about taking time to work with animals, whether domestic or wild? You can learn about care and feeding, what environments suit different species, and even how to tend to an injured animal. In addition to being a great place to find a pet to adopt, PetFinder has done the research and lists out a number of opportunities throughout the United States beyond tradition, smaller style volunteering.


For outdoor enthusiasts, you can work on land or in the sea. American Hiking Society sets folks up within the continental US, to work on trails. Costs are relatively low, in the hundreds v thousands, and have a variety of options and skill levels. Another organization featuring domestic and international opportunities is Sierra Club. Programs and destinations are clearly outlined, so the participant can easily choose the right fit.