How to Turn an Internship Into a Job Offer

Internships are a great way to gain real-world experience and also an opportunity to begin a full-time job. If you’re starting an internship with the intention of securing a full-time position, you will have to show you are eager and willing to take on the challenge. Find six tips below for turning your internship into a full-time career.

  1. Get to know your industry

Learn as much you can about trends in your industry. Go online and learn about your field by following popular blogs and thought leaders. Also, research about the company you plan to intern with to better understand different areas of the business, their mission, culture and values.

  1. Be professional

Show you are serious for full-time work by being the ultimate professional. Dress appropriately each day and be punctual. Also, stay off of social media (unless you need to do it for your job). By taking your internship seriously, you will demonstrate that you have potential to become a future employee.

  1. Show initiative

Showing that you are interested in learning and developing your knowledge for the position will increase an employers confidence in your ability to do a good job. Be enthusiastic about attending workshops and seminars to make a good impression on your supervisor. Ask lots of questions and show you want to learn and take on projects that will help you grow professionally. 

  1. Set goals

When starting your internship, have a meeting with your manager and set goals for your time there. For example, talk about projects you would like to work on and valuable skills you would like to gain from the internship. By identifying professional goals for yourself, you will become a more competitive candidate.

  1. Network

Take this opportunity to get to know everyone in the business. It will probably take more than one person to decide you are the right person for the role. Developing valuable relationships will get you the most buy-in from as many people as possible.

Make sure you let people know you’re excited about this opportunity and are looking for a full-time role. One way to kick-start these relationships is by setting up short half-hour meetings or coffees with everyone in the office when you begin your internship. During these meetings you can ask people the best way of securing a full-time position from the start.

  1. Learn, learn and learn more

An internship is all about being a sponge and absorbing as much information as you can. Learn from your boss and co-workers, shadow them and take notes regularly. When you go home, research and review things you are unsure about. Create regular meetings with different people in the business to ask them questions and have them show you new things. You will be surprised to find how happy people will be to help share their knowledge with you!

With dedication and a willingness to learn, you will be walking out of your internship and into a full-time job.

This article was submitted by Amy Pritchett, Outreach Manager for Vision Direct, the UK’s online leading retailer for contact lenses. Amy is passionate about offering career advice to graduates and helping them successfully begin their professional life.

By Amy Pritchett
Amy Pritchett Outreach Manager