Planning a Trip Away? Find 3 Ways to Grow Your Career Skills Through Travel

If you’re planning a trip away with friends this summer, you might be surprised to know that  vacation can actually help you develop important professional skills. This is because travel helps you grow through new situations you encounter while exploring the world.

Find three ways to develop your business skills while traveling in college below:

  1. Build and grow your network

The more you travel, the more opportunities to meet new people from all over the world. Aside from the opportunity to make new friends, you can also broaden your connections on a global scale.

Not to mention, you can work on growing your social skills and learning foreign languages. These are all important skills to help you excel in the workplace!

  1. Improve your time management skills

Whatever kind of career you choose to go into, time management is a critical skill to the workplace. This is the process of planning and having conscious control over the amount of time you spend on specific activities. This is important to increase effectiveness and productivity in a career role.

As you travel, the most important way to have an enjoyable trip is to use your time effectively. This takes a high degree of planning to get the most out of your trip. So when you’re trying to catch a flight or exploring a big city within a short space of time – you can transfer these skills into the workplace. Both situations involve to-do-list, smart goals and careful planning.

  1. Develop essential skills for teamwork

Listening, sharing, helping, persuading, questioning. These are all important teamwork skills that employers will look for in employees. Businesses look for individuals that can work cooperatively with others and contribute to a group effort. Most employers will ask questions about how you have worked and cooperated with others in an interview.

As you travel with friends, you will need to plan and arrange your itinerary. Also, in order to have an enjoyable trip away, you will need to communicate and actively participate with others. These experiences away will give you great moments to share with a future employer and help you get hired.

Start your journey!

With new experiences like traveling the world and exploring new places, you are strengthening your skills, meeting new people and trying new things. These experiences will only help you when it comes time to start a career.

Amy Pritchett is a travel blogger who write about walks, cottages and spas ( She encourages all college students to take an adventure away to grow and develop themselves both personally and professionally!

By Amy Pritchett
Amy Pritchett