Back to school… then what?

The school year is rapidly approaching and most of us are ready to return to the classroom. Syllabi, lectures, and exams will abound, but these tenets of academia need to be supplemented by something more. The United States Marine Corps can give UConn students the challenge, purpose, and fulfillment they are looking for without interrupting their studies, and while providing paid summer training and quality jobs after graduation.

If you are a freshman through graduate student at the University of Connecticut, consider participating in the Marine Corps Officer Program. All Huskies are invited to attend our once per month training event that focuses on physical fitness, basic military skills, and leadership. No prior experience is required. For those qualified applicants, there is an opportunity to attend Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia. Those who apply for, and get accepted to OCS early in their college careers (freshmen and sophomores) will attend two six week sessions of summer training. Those who apply for, and get accepted to OCS later in their college careers (juniors, seniors, and graduate students) will attend one ten week session of summer training. The result is the same. If you pass OCS and obtain a four-year college degree, you will become a Marine Corps Officer. The pride of a commission is unparalleled, and it will open many doors of opportunity for you.

I am your United States Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer. I am standing by to answer your questions about the Marine Corps Officer Program. Feel free to contact me at (413) 523-2886 or at I would be happy to speak with you and to welcome you as the newest member of our program.

Very respectfully,

First Lieutenant Brian J. Berling

Officer Selection Officer

6 University Dr. Suite 205

Amherst, MA 01002

Work: 413-687-6260

Cell: 413-523-2886

Fax: 413-687-6261

By Brian Berling
Brian Berling Officer Selection Officer