Clean up Your Google Search Results Before Applying for Jobs

It’s recruiting season for companies hiring college students for full-time, intern and co-op positions, and hopefully your resume is sitting at the top of their pile. However, that could also mean you’re first in line to be googled!

Yup! That’s right. You revised your resume, ironed your suit before visiting your favorite employers’ booths at the career fair, and possibly even had a first-round interview, but have you googled yourself?

According to 2012 research from ExecuNet, 90 percent of hiring managers use Google search results when considering executive hires in order to confirm credentials and make sure there are no red flags.

If you haven’t already, google yourself and look through the results as if you were a stranger. Consider trying other search engines like Yahoo or Altavista too. It might feel strange to be auditing your own online presence, but did you find potential red flags?

Here are some tips on how to revamp your online image!

Delete public posts and comments that could be interpreted as inappropriate by potential employers. One “silly” photo or 140 characters may have been posted in good humor or without thinking, but they can often be an employer’s first impression of you. If you prefer to not delete anything, adjust who can view your profile in the privacy settings.

If you find an inappropriate image or information about yourself that you didn’t post, request the poster to remove it. If they refuse to take it down contact the site’s webmaster and request it be removed.

Utilize websites like to better control how much of your information is made public by the large search engines that populate information about you, like Google.

Lastly, do your own PR! Update your LinkedIn, create a relevant blog or publish an online article. Create an online reputation for yourself that will want any manager want to hire you, and going forward be deliberate about what you make publicly available online.

By Marisa Tatiwong
Marisa Tatiwong Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator Marisa Tatiwong