Things Parents Do That Destroy Their Children’s Careers

There’s no more fulfilling full-time job or the more enjoyable responsibility than raising your child and watching them become the best person they can be. Obviously, your role as a parent is essential in helping your kid grow up to be confident, happy and full of self-esteem. However, is it possible for you to assume what’s best for your child a bit too much? Unfortunately, it is. Of course, on most occasions, your experience and knowledge will serve as a guiding light for your kid, but what happens when you have to accept the fact that your child is actually a different person from you, with different aspirations and interests? To help your child on their way to adulthood and success, keep in mind the following things.

Taking risks can be beneficial

It’s easy to forget just how much childhood can shape an adult, especially when you’re an adult now that has to take care of their own child. Protecting them and showering them with love and support is natural. Being extremely overprotective, however, isn’t. Shielding your child from everything from an early age can become a habit for both you and your kid. Don’t be afraid to let your child experience the world and all kinds of feelings in their own way. After all, first-hand experience is the best teacher that you can find for your kid. It’s not the end of the world if they get dirty or get a bad mark at school and even hang out with friends that you don’t particularly like. Obviously, if things get serious, you should be there for them. But this is exactly the line you have to draw in order to create a healthy and balanced relationship with your child. There is a time when they need you but there’s also a time when they need to fight their own battles and learn their own lessons. This will only strengthen their character and willpower.

Your child is not your copy

One of the most important things you need to be aware of is the fact that your child is not you. Of course, it’s only natural that you share some similarities, but you can’t expect them to think just like you. After all, they are not your second chance or means to pursue your own dream through them. Therefore, you have to listen to what your child wants even if you may not have the slightest interest in those things. Also, you should never force them to take up hobbies or settle for a career path that is obviously not their own choice. Remember, you will help your child the most by offering constructive and useful advice along the way, not by taking control of their lives completely.

Your kids will still need some encouragement

Even though you should never force your kids into doing things that they don’t want, you should still give them a helpful push from time to time. By encouraging them to try different things and simply get up and do stuff, you’ll actually help them find things that fulfill them. These days, it seems that spending all of their free time on video games or social media is very attractive to kids. Of course, this is a normal part of growing up for their generation, but they still need to learn to focus their mind, strength and skills on something more engaging. Push gently but effectively. Your encouragement will benefit them greatly, especially when the time comes for them to discover what they want to do with their life career-wise. For example, signing up for personalized UMAT tutoring can make a significant impact and change to the better when your kid is choosing their vocation and try to stride confidently through new experiences. Don’t forget though – always base your “pushes” on what you sense your child wants and likes.

Being a parent is not easy but, the truth is that being a child in this day and age is even harder. There are just so many ways kids can lose their will, motivation and strength. And they need their parents to do the right thing when necessary.

By Tracey Clayton
Tracey Clayton Tracey Clayton