Why the Husky Mentor Network should induce FOMO

It’s simple. You should have FOMO if you’re not in the Husky Mentor Network (HMN). I assume that those of you reading this know what FOMO is… “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.” What I do not assume, is that you know what the Husky Mentor Network is and why, if you’re not currently engaged in it, you should have some serious FOMO.

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What is the Husky Mentor Network?
HMN is a virtual meeting place where students connect with alumni to discuss any topics related to career. It is important to note that these alums have purposefully joined the network and have already agreed to devote some of their free time to help you. Therefore, if you’re not engaged in the mentor network you are definitely missing an amazing opportunity to get career advice and support from professionals in your field.

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Some potentially FOMO inducing thoughts and scenarios…

  • At this moment, another student is booking the last time slot with an alum that works at your favorite company. This is the company you’ve been coveting your entire college experience, they have the perfect entry-level job for recent graduates. You may have just missed out on an opportunity to get a leg up on that position.
  • A classmate of yours just went into HMN and found an alum that has worked in their field of interest for over 30 years, they submitted a request for a consultation, and the alum just replied yes and asked if they could get a copy of your classmate’s résumé.
  • You have a friend that has been struggling with what major and career to pursue. They went into HMN, connected with an alum that was able to give them some perspective, and now they have a much clearer path to their ultimate career goal.

Wait no longer, log into the Husky Mentor Network now!

By Lee Hameroff
Lee Hameroff Associate Director, Operations | Pronouns: he/him/his