Undergraduate Student Success Story: Alexis Bazydola

Major: Sport Management

Year: Sophomore

What was your internship and how did you find it?
I worked as a Hockey Operations Intern for the Nashville Predators NHL organization. I found this option through a few connections I had in the organization prior and applied through the TeamWork Online website.


What was a typical day on the job like?
The sports world is very different in the off season. I began with the organization when we were still playing in the Western Conference Final. Those days I was responsible for reviewing game statistics and pulling contract research to prepare for the upcoming NHL draft after the Stanley Cup Final. I was also responsible for logistics of our Development Camp after the draft was over. This included making reservations for the incoming players, coordinating transportation, etc. After development camp, I was responsible for doing contract research and putting together the recruitment video for Free Agency. This involved coordinating interviews with players and developing questions for new material to be used in the video. I got to sit down one on one with a lot of the players and interview them. I also was responsible for coordinating different renovation aspects with our graphics department for both our locker room at the arena and our practice facility. I ordered many different photos and acrylic boards to be displayed around our facilities chronicling our history.


What was your favorite part of the experience?
I loved every day I got to spend with the organization. I have been a Nashville Predators fan since I was little and being able to watch them go to the Stanley Cup Final and win the Western Conference Final was a dream come true.


What advice or encouragement do you have for other students looking to take advantage of similar opportunities?
Never be afraid to reach out to people and ask about opportunities to job shadow or intern. The experience you will gain in that field is like none other and the connections you will make will follow you for years to come.


Photo: https://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2017/5/23/15680256/nashville-predators-logo-badass-cat-skull-discovered-in-ancient-cave-nhl-stanley-cup

By Arianna Dines
Arianna Dines Arianna Dines