Career Counseling for CLAS Majors

The Center for Career Development’s own Kristen Soprano and Lisa Famularo were interviewed for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ blog about their jobs providing career counseling for CLAS students.

What are some of the common career development challenges that you hear from CLAS students?

Kristen Soprano: I think the biggest challenge CLAS students face is their overall confidence in the value that they bring to the working world. The competencies that CLAS majors possess—things like critical thinking, communication skills, and teamwork— are the core of what every individual needs to be successful in the workplace. Our job is to help CLAS majors build that confidence and recognize that they are just as valuable as that business major sitting next to them.

Lisa Famularo: Another thing I hear from CLAS majors is that they don’t know where to start in planning for a career or reaching a career goal. We want to make sure that students’ hesitation in not knowing how where to start doesn’t prevent them from reaching their goals. The Center for Career Development is here for that, but we know that staff and faculty on campus can fill that role as well.

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By drussell