Non-Profit and Public Service Career Fair

The Non-Profit and Public Service Career Fair is right around the corner! You may be unsure how to prepare but don’t worry. There are plenty of resources you can utilize to feel most prepared to attend the fair. You may remember the Careers for the Common Good career fair from years past. The Center for Career Development has decided to rename the fair this year, but our attending employers are very similar.

The first question you may have is, “is this career fair right for me?”







Are you looking to create positive change in society, the environment and/or the world? Are you interested in working for a non-profit organization, benefit-corporation, or social enterprise? Do you hope to possibly give back to your local or greater community through public service?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this career fair is for you!

Now, how do you prepare?
Be sure to schedule an appointment at the Center for Career Development to get your resume critiqued just for the fair. Preparing your resume for a career fair can be a frustrating process, but the CCD can sit down with you one-on-one to help you tailor your experiences for the fair.

The next thing to do is to frequently check the Non-Profit & Public Service Career Fair event page on Handshake to see the updated list of registered companies. Explore the organizations that align with your skills and interests and prepare some questions to ask them the day of the fair. Not only does this show the employer that you are interested in their opportunities, but it also shows that you have taken time to research and learn more about their company.

What should you wear?
A part of career fairs that can be particularly difficult is finding the right outfit.





Business professional attire is strongly recommended for the career fair. Avoid mismatched items, unprofessional make-up, and noisy or distracting jewelry. Additionally, make sure you iron your clothes ahead of time so you aren’t rushing the day of. Another accessory you’ll want to bring with you is a pad folio; here you can store about 20 clean copies of your resume and your notes on the companies you are interested in. There is also a space for you to keep the business cards of those you network with!

Organizations attending the Non-Profit & Public Service Career Fair are recruiting positive, highly motivated students just like you who are looking to do good in the world. Remember to be yourself and express your skills and experience with as much confidence as you can. If you find yourself lost or frustrated during the fair, find one of the great professionals from the Center for Career Development to help you. We are there cheering you on before, during, and after the career fair. You got this!

By Hannah Halloran
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