Review of the 2019 Internship Showcase

On Monday, February 4th, in the Wilbur Cross South Reading Room, over one hundred and fifty students gathered together to talk about two very important subjects – Internships and Co-ops.  Students who have held internships at various companies throughout the nation in last year had the opportunity to showcase the excellent work they accomplished and the company culture they were a part of.  Students looking to obtain an internship or co-op were able to browse and engage in conversation with the students that were showcasing. This was a great opportunity to network and gain a stronger understanding of the different types of internships that are available. This showcase was a great segue into the Internship & Co-op Fair which was held on February 6th as students had the chance to engage in a conversation that might lead to an internship.


This internship showcase was only a portion of the event. Two representatives from Indeed, the #1 job site in the world, were a part of a panel discussion to answer student questions and further help students prepare for the fair. Indeed’s mission is to help guide those looking for a position through the job search process to give everyone an opportunity to do what they love at a place that fits them. The Indeed representatives understand qualities that successful candidates have. They were about to discuss the most common the DOs and DON’Ts when attending a career fair and interviewing for positions. This informative discussion captivated students during the event and complemented the Showcase portion of the event well.


Were you unable to make it to the event? Not to worry! Here are three essential takeaways from the event:

  1. Come prepared: If two students with equivalent portfolios apply for a job, a company will almost always choose the student that has done their research and knows a few details about the company. This makes a student stand out because it tells the company that if the position is offered, there is a high likelihood that the student accepts the position because they have already shown engagement and active interest in the company.
  2. Make every minute count: Instead of walking around in circles waiting for your top company to be unoccupied with other students, use that extra time to practice or prepare for the encounter. You could practice your elevator pitch with another company lower on your list or stand in line for your top company and prepare your elevator pitch and questions. While standing in line you could also make note of which company is next on your list so you are able to quickly transition from one company to the next. This will allow you to talk to many different companies in the limited time you have at a career fair or event.
  3. Show what makes you different: We all have different qualities that make us unique and help us to stand out. Embrace these qualities and showcase them to employers. Students who are able to show how their personal qualities would bring about a positive difference to the company’s culture, are more likely going to be remembered by employers throughout the application process.

These are a couple of pointers that were gained by students who came to this event. If you found this helpful and would like to receive more advice, you are always able an appointment with one of our Career Consultants at the Center for Career Development!

by Maura Oei

By Kailee Himes
Kailee Himes Graduate Assistant, Experiential Learning Kailee Himes