Networking is Easier than You Think

I’d never heard of Husky Mentor Network, have you? When asked to do this project I asked, “isn’t it a little too early for this, given I’m a freshman?”, but throughout this process I learned it’s never too early to get potentially vital career mentoring. Husky Mentor Network is a free resource provided by the Center for Career Development that allows current Huskies to be connected to a vast selection of alumni to aid in career coaching, networking, resume critiques, and much more. Once registered, one completes a career profile, which, based on their responses, then allows them to be matched with various alumni.

After completing my profile, it was honestly shocking seeing the alumni I matched with; it felt like their profiles were precisely made for me. The mentors were able to give me the “inside scoop” of the industries I was interested in. They spoke to me about their typical work day, challenges they’d faced throughout their career, and an abundance of information you cannot just google.

By connecting to the alumni, I was able to gain confidence in my prospective career field. They provided me with information I would have never known if it was not for Husky Mentor Network. I recommend everyone to try this resource, whether you’re a freshman or a senior, because you may not think you need it but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.

By Rita Tsafack-Tonleu
Rita Tsafack-Tonleu Career Intern Rita Tsafack-Tonleu