Exploring Career Paths in Business?

You’re pursuing a business-type major. You’re going to get a business job. You don’t need to explore career paths, right?

A lot of business careers have straight-forward job titles: “Accountant,” “Financial Analyst,” “Marketing Manager.” A quick search for these titles yields hundreds of job postings. Going into a career that has so many openings feels great, but your search will quickly get bogged down if you don’t narrow your focus.

Think about it: Countless companies across every industry employ business-type majors. Can you think of an organization that doesn’t hire people in accounting, sales, marketing, finance, or human resources? It’s not just important to know what you want to do; it’s also necessary to think about where you want to work. To what kind of organization mission and values do you want to contribute and support?

Research Industries

Vault can help you research industries to determine where you want to pursue your business career. Start by eliminating ones you know you don’t want to work in, and learn more about outlook, occupations, and resources and associations for the industries that are remaining.

Research Organizations

Once you have some industries in mind, you can explore companies in these industries utilizing Handshake and LinkedIn. Handshake has information about companies that recruit at UConn and more: see their company profile, job postings, and upcoming career fairs and info sessions. LinkedIn is another great tool for following companies and learning more about employees and job opportunities.

Use this information to develop a target company list and explore business career opportunities at those companies. Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach to discuss more ways to explore business career paths.

By Kelsey Keefe
Kelsey Keefe Career Consultant Kelsey Keefe