Social Work Job Market Trending High

With the increased awareness of substance abuse and mental health issues and anticipation of the US population that is 65+ years old doubling from 2016-2060 (Population Reference Bureau), there is expected to be a steady increase in demand for social workers over the next decade.

The Department of Labor’s Bureau for Labor Statistics placed job market growth for social workers at 11% from 2018 to 2028, with especially favorable outcomes for healthcare social workers interested in working with the elderly (17%) and in mental health and substance abuse services (18%). Compared to the 5% growth expected of all occupations combined, this means there are great opportunities for students looking to work in social services!

Are you interested in being a healthcare social worker with the elderly? Want to work with children and families? Passionate about supporting treatment for drug offenders in a treatment facility? This is only the beginning. There are numerous specialties within social work that could be a good fit for your interest!

If this sounds like a career path you are interested in, UConn’s School of Social Work currently offers a Bachelor’s of Social Work, Master’s of Social Work, a PhD program, non-degree program and continuing education credits. Learn more at UConn’s School of Social Work website or schedule an appointment to talk with a Career Coach at the Center for Career Development today!

By Marisa Tatiwong
Marisa Tatiwong Corporate Partner Relations Coordinator Marisa Tatiwong