Using Vault Guides for Career Exploration

It can become very overwhelming when choosing a career path. A million questions fly across your mind, but the most pressing question is “Where do I start?” A great resource provided to students at UConn are the Vault Guides. There are three types of guide categories: advice guides, industry guides, and education guides.

Advice Guides

The advice guides focus on providing tips about how to adequately interview and network, as well as how to create a strong résumé. These guides lay out the dos and don’ts of career selection, provide tips on how to navigate career fairs, and give key ways to contact employers about job opportunities. These guides are a great place to start for someone in the beginning stages of planning a career path or someone who is looking for general knowledge about career selection.

Industry Guides

The industry guides give a complete overview of over 15 different broad industries. This overview includes the history surrounding the profession, the rankings of the best companies in the industry, a description of the different facets of the industry, and, my personal favorite, a quick facts sheet. The quick facts sheet contain all the information you need to know about a specific position in the industry, including the minimum education required, common personality traits, and salary range.

Education Guides

The education guides offer crucial information about different colleges or universities, their locations, and all the aspects of the institution. These guides also explain internships: the different types, how to get them, and where to look. Last but not least, the education guides give information about MBAs: which schools have the best MBA programs and what professions relate to this professional degree. The education guides are very useful if you are looking for options in graduate programs or are seeking information about a degree in business.

These guides are a useful tool to any college student and beyond. They’re an amazing resource that I recommend you take some time to look through!

By Amanda Idusuyi
Amanda Idusuyi Amanda Idusuyi