Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Resources at UConn

If you’re a pre-health student at UConn, you’re likely familiar with the Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Center. Located in the Rowe building at the Storrs campus, they provide invaluable resources to you as current students seeking admission into a health-related graduate program after you complete your undergraduate degree at UConn.

First things first, if you are not already signed up for their pre-med and pre-dental listserv, you absolutely should be! This weekly listserv includes information about important dates related to the med and dental school admissions cycles, open volunteer/shadowing/internship/job opportunities, MCAT and DAT prep, and both on-campus and off-campus events you may be interested in attending. Click here for signup instructions.

Did you know that they also house a video series on their website with materials from all of the in-person and virtual workshops they offer? These videos cover topics like selecting schools to apply to, preparing for the MCAT, personal statements, secondary applications, and interviewing.

For example, this summer I collaborated with the Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Center on a webinar entitled Navigating the Healthcare Admissions Interview. If you have interviews for med school or dental school coming up, it’s a must watch. If you are curious about what your med or dental school interviews might be like in a few years, you might enjoy it, too!

The webinar was broken down into 4 sections:

  • Interview basics: purpose of the interview, importance of the interview, types of interviews
  • How to prepare: performing a self-assessment, researching the school/program, planning for the day of
  • The interview itself: types of interview questions, tips for answering common questions, sample questions/practice
  • Additional considerations: ethics, communication, questions to ask, follow-up

Over 80 Students registered for the webinar, but if you missed it, check out the recording that is now part of the Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Center’s video series. Also check out the PDF linked just below the recording for instructions on how to access a CUSTOM practice interview question set that has been created on Big Interview, UConn’s virtual practice interviewing platform.

Keep an eye on the Pre-Med and Pre-Dental Center’s website. You never know what you might come across that could help you tremendously with your applications!